Sunday, November 21, 2010

Confession #21 - Hair


Glorious hair.

For some, good hair is not only unattainable, but causes never-ending coveting of the hair of those who do have "the good hair".

If you have curly hair, you want straight.
If you have straight, you want it curly.
(Why can't we all just enjoy what we have?)


CONFESSION: I wanted to be a hair stylist.

I wanted to do impressive colorings.

I wanted to do sweet bridal up-dos, with stories and giggling.

I wanted to be a celebrity hair stylist, the one they all brag about.

It might come from my roots of having hair that kindof naturally looks like this.
(Thank you for your example, Stevie.)

But as I more seriously considered the profession, I became concerned.

I didn't want to end up with a crazy hair color, which seems a requirement when going through school.

Like the Coon Hair, which seems to be a trend right now.


Or this...

Rainbow hair.


Yes, rainbow hair. Although... it does look pretty awesome.

I didn't want to end up with a hideous "experimental" hair cut either.

Like the wo-mullet.

(Why won't you die?)

Or weird hair extensions.

I also realized that I wasn't ready for a few things.


Weird hair style requests.

Hair challenges.

And people requesting bad hair cuts that they think are a "great idea",
or people requesting a trim on their already bad hair cut.
I didn't want to think about being in trouble for cutting someone's hair differently than they requested.

("No, sir. I swear this is a modern mullet. They call it a crew cut.")

Not that I am opinionated, but I would like to consider myself merciful.

And so, for now, I will stick with day dreaming, and playing with my own hair.

Which is why - you now know - I am always doing something different with my hair.

Hairy, hairy, hair, hair.


  1. You can be anything you want to be...hairdresser, cake decorator extrodinar, crafter, artist. You have what it takes, seriously!! I am the example of the opposite, not too much creativity but I can copy really good. ;)

  2. I am one of those people, who walks in there and I tell them EXACTLY what I want. I NEVER get it. I am BORING, and I KNOW what I want. Even if they disagree. I worked on growing our my hair for over a year now. I got a cut last week, and I told her to give me soft layers close to the bottom one I now have hard Diagonal layers on the left side of my head that are only four inches long. I have no idea how it happened. I agree. I could NEVER be a hair dresser. There are people like me out there that would drive me crazy. Now back to growing out my hair.