Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Confession #17 - Drama King

Confession: I love my drama King, Logan.

(Eleanor calls him Wohdies or Wohdan.)

I love his random moods,
his silly faces,
his quirky comments,
and his deeply quizzical thoughts and the questions he asks that often leads to me letting him watch Bill Nye because he can better explain it.
(Like Logan's question about what keeps us stuck down to the planet - gravity - how do I explain that properly? Take it away Bill Nye!)

I love his insane genius memory ability,
his quotes,
the scenes he acts out in our living room,
the songs he performs for me,
the random hugs he gives me,
the gentleness he has with his sister,
the times he is shy,
and all the outrageous poses he wants to do for the camera.

I love his bright little smile,
his laid back personality,
his ability to love everyone regardless,
his tactless questions for everyone belonging to the human race,
his drama at the table over dinners he doesn't like,
and I even love it when he cries and dramatically throws himself onto the couch (or bed, or floor, or whatever is closest to him) and protests whatever request I just made.

It cracks me up that he taught Eleanor the "drama-fling" onto furniture.

Even cuter, is that she is only halfways up on everything she's trying to fling herself at.

Drama dude.

I love you.


  1. Did you take those pictures? They are so cute of your little man. My favorite "tactless question" - as you call it - that he asked me when I was pregnant was, "What is in your shirt?" When I responded with, "a baby" he said, "Can I see it?" So funny.

  2. Lol. Yes. Ohhh the questions.

    No, I didn't take these pictures. :o)