Saturday, November 13, 2010

Confession #13 - Willow

Confession: I love the movie Willow.

I watched it as a kid, and I'm not a kid anymore and it's still awesome.

The sweetness of their family was so endearing - I love the tender moment when Kaiya found the baby, and then the baby loved Willow..... awhh just so many soft-hearted moments!

Also, the kids were pretty much the cutest.

Of course, even as a kid, I thought Val Kilmer aka: Madmartigan was so dashing.

I loved his stubborn stupidity that eventually lead to him being a sensitive hero.

And all-around good guy, Willow!
What's not to love?

Also, it helps that Warwick Davies is a genius.

(He's in everything!)

I loved that little curly redheaded baby Elora Danan.

Seriously. Babies, magic, adventure, love stories, good conquering evil, fairytale situations... this is the ultimate movie.

Except for the scary troll situation, and the troll that turned into that big gross scary thing.

(It's over a decade since I first saw that part and it still gives me nightmares.)

Hero! Willow! I loved that he was so brave.

And look at that baby. Elora Danan.

I love fairytales.

Willow had a computer game?

I love fairytales - movies, books, or otherwise.

I love Willow.


  1. LOL! Terrible. One of my favorite parts was when the one guy had a bird poop on his head. Now, it's totally gross to me.

  2. It's a movie from the 80's that you are now required to go watch. Do NOT watch it with your children.
    (Scary trolls.)

  3. Heres a willows picture edit I made you might like.