Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Confession #10 - Money Wasters

There was an article on Yahoo yesterday - a story about Adam Sandler gifting his buddies brand new $20,000 Maseratis. (For us who don't know what that is, it's a fancy car.)

This should have brought up maybe a scoff, for me, and a reaction along the lines of "Wow, that's silly" or "Good for him", but it got me thinking, and I found myself boiling over.

Confession: I'm angry when I read about people who waste money.

A lot.

Maybe it shouldn't bother me.

Honestly, I'm not really angry at Adam Sandler. It's his choice! And he's been working at his career forever, climbing that ladder, and earning his way. Those are his friends! Fine with me.

Really, I'm angry at the writer out there who decided that this article was a great idea.

What reaction could be had from this article? Obviously they planned on rubbing someone the wrong way.

That would be me.

I'm not even going to be greedy about it, or jealous. Nope!

Today, I won't even focus on the more politically obvious things that could be assisted with money.

Like the homeless.

Or third world countries, with children starving to death every day or dying from curable diseases.

I'm going to focus on something else, more close and common.

Struggling single moms, right in your neighborhood?

You know - the ones wandering the streets until a shelter opens up in the evening, for them to rest with their children.

The ones who work so hard to make life seem normal, and appear normal, when they are so depressed.

The ones where all they hear are the calls of a screaming baby.

The ones who have a constant pile of diapers that needs to be taken to the trash.

The ones who sigh because the dishes haven't been done yet, and they know they are the only ones to do it.

The ones who are putting on a happy face while they feel like they are so alone, in the darkest most forgotten corners at times.

The ones trying to carry the world on their shoulders, like some fragile Atlas.

The ones wondering sometimes if they are truly crazy, and sob over whether or not they are going to make it.

But don't worry, cushy rich single mom celebrities are feeling comfortable in their homes right now. With their nannies and maids.

Putting all their money to good use, I'm sure.

While the ones who struggle sob at the laundry mountains.

And the endless messes.

The ones who want to be the best mom and give their children a happy childhood, who feel guilty when they have to go to work, but feel like pulling their hair out when their children wonder where their dad is or why he doesn't live with them for the first time.

The ones who also wonder if she can ever trust anyone ever again.

And the ones that battle that feeling you get when you have some free time, and need to take a shower, but feel guilty because any time you do anything for yourself you feel like you are being the "S" word...

But no, no - you have that car!

I'm sure you deserve it.

And I will stay just a little bitter over here.

Little bitter.


  1. Hey! How did you get a picture of my dirty dishes and laundry pile? :D Well said. You typed $20,000 which may have been just a typo, but the actual price per car was $200,000. So even worse.

  2. OH yes, typo. My bad.

    Equally angry.

    Also, that is TOTALLY my laundry pile. Lol I found all the other pictures online.