Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Cakes!

I am in dire need of a cake update.
So here it is.
"Gail's Birthday Cake" - March 4th, 2009
We all had a little get-together for Rick's mom's birthday at her house. She likes forget-me-nots, so I tried to include them on her cake in some way. These flowers mostly look like them. :o)
This is a chocolate cake with peanut butter buttercream icing.
"Great's Birthday Cake" - April 5th, 2009
We love our Great! Rick's grandmother is the sweetest lady, and she's in her 80's so we wanted to make her birthday as special as possible. She loves daisies, and one of her grandbabies (Danny) loves baking, so I had Danny over for a day and he helped me make the cake, and a few of the daisies for it. She loved it!!!
This is a white cake with buttercream frosting and royal icing decorations.
"Monique's Baby Shower Cake" - April 25th, 2009

Monique is expecting, and my friend Carin asked me to bring a cake to the baby shower. My only guidelines were to include the color blue and brown, so I had some creative fun with this one! This is a white cake, with fresh strawberries as a filling, buttercream frosting, and fondant decorations.
"Corbin's 4th Birthday Cake" - May 16th, 2009

Keeley is my best friend ever, and I have known her son since he was 9 months old. He very sincerely asked me for a Batman cake (with his big, batting brown eyes) but then later I was informed by his mother that he wanted this ferris wheel cake he saw in a magazine. The picture of it was lost, so I did my best to make the rice krispies ferris wheel from Keeley's description. And, of course, Batman had to rule the cake. (He was Corbin's favorite part.) :oD
This is a rice krispies cake, with dum dums, m&ms, candy necklace, licorice, good n' fruity, and Batman decorations, with buttercream frosting.
"The Rainbow Cake" - May 16th, 2009
Oh my gosh!!! This is my favorite cake of the cake. Just because of the insides. I will even put a picture of what it looked like cut. I mixed the batter colors to create a rainbow inside. The mom had made an outfit for her 2-year-old daughter to wear for her big special day, and she wanted a rainbow cake to match. She also said her daughter loved her stuffed penguin, so if I could put one of those on the cake too, that would be awesome. It was a big hit!
This is a white cake (colored), with buttercream frosting and a fondant decoration.

"Memorial Day Weekend Cake" - May 22nd, 2009

Rick's brother, Sean, is 14. Apparantly he had been spreading word about how "awesome" my cakes were at school, so his teacher ordered a cake from me! (She also referenced - in a way - the woman who ordered the "rainbow cake")

This cake is a yellow cake, with buttercream frosting and a raspberry pie-filling-esque filling.

"The Impromptu Chocolate Yellow Cake" - May 23rd, 2009
Well this cake was the fastest decision cake I've made yet. The afternoon I was assembling the Memorial Day Cake we had a maintenance guy come to our apartment to replace our fridge, and he saw that I was making cakes. Apparantly, a few years back, there was a lady that lived in the apartment across from us who used to make cakes regularly, and he would come by two or three times a month to buy a cake from her. He asked if he could buy a cake, and if I could have it for him tomorrow. Of course I said yes!
This is a yellow cake, with a chocolate buttercream/chocolate cream cheese frosting.

And that's all for now! (More to come!!! A wedding cake in June!)

Happy baking!


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