Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cake, MARVELOUS Cake...

Did I mention that I love cake?!

Not eating, of course, silly...

But making it!!!!


It is the most fun thing to do, and I can't wait until I get to make another cake. I'm already excited about teaching a cooking class next month for a Relief Society activity - although I'm a little stumped because it needs to be about a light, summery dessert, and quite frankly I - and my family - are not all about the light desserts. We have the mindset, if you're doing dessert, do it right. You're going to have cake? Have a great cake. Have a super awesome cake. Don't eat that store-bought cake that's kindof flavorless, spongey, and it's coated in frosting that's oily, generic, leaves a film in your mouth, and kindof tastes yucky. Eat a rich, delicious moist cake (flavor of your choice) with homemade, hand-whipped buttercream frosting. Filling of your choice. Not in the mood for cake? Have some chocolate mousse with meringue mushroom accents. Lol.

Doing a dessert? DO IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!

That's my motto.


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