Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Dream, When the Day is Through....."

"Dream -- that's the thing to do..."

Okay, so this may sound super ridiculous - but yes, I have a cake blog... but I also have this blog, so I can still blog here about cakes. Sortof. In a way.

Wow. I just said blog a lot.

OKAY so, top secretly - when I'm bored, or feeling crafty - I will search the internet, or places I have been, for cakes. New designs I could put on a cake, or themes I could use. Or sometimes, I will see a cake, and it will be such a good idea to me - but look sad in it's attempt. You know? Well anyways, I've decided to blog about some of the cakes I dream about making one day. I can't make them at random - but every once in a while someone will fall into my lap with an idea for a cake that is exactly like one I have in my "one day cakes" folder of pictures - or, someone will fall into my lap with no idea what they want, so I can suggest something. :o)

Here, are some of my cake (hopes).

A Waterslide Cake

Because - seriously fun!! And plus, the people are so cute. How could I not want to make this cake???

A Lego Cake

Because - COOL! Duh.

A "Draped Fabric Look" Cake

Because - I think this is so neat. It's modern, but still classy and traditional.

A Diner Cake

Because - Look at the detail!!! And it's so cute, I can hardly stand it. I have to eat that tiny float.

A Baby Cradle Cake

Because - I think this could be really cool, if the whole thing was edible. And a challenge, too!

A Pizza Cake

Because - SOOO COOL. I will probably make this as a "just because" cake one day. Because it's so fun!

A Blanket/Furniture/Tiny Things Cake
Because - Maybe this ties in with the whole, draped fabric cake. I also really adore the idea of a tiny sleeping fondant baby, with a tiny fondant blanket.

A Barbie/Princess/Dress Cake
Because - I had my mama make me a few barbie cakes, and they were awesome! Now, I have my girlish dream of putting fondant in the picture as well, to really make it come alive. :oD

A Baby-in-the-Tub Baby Shower Cake
Because - How funny, to have a baby showering as the cake for a baby shower... right? Right? This could be realllllly cool, if done properly.
A Tilting Hat Box Cake
Along with a great many other cake ideas I have not put on this post - is a stacked hat box cake I found online. Coincidentally, my dear friend is having a baby - and we were talking about what she would like for a baby shower cake, and she emailed me a photo almost exactly like the picture I had of the tilting hat box cake. So I'm mentioning it, because I do really want to make it, but I'm not providing a picture, because a) I accidentally deleted it out of this post, and b) I will be making it this Saturday, so just keep your eyes peeled on my cake blog!
Happy CAKE-ing!!!
(And Happy, Happy FALL!)

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