Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Fall is soooo my favorite season.

I'm always feeling like I could make a million plans, and get them all done.
I love wearing big fuzzy sweaters, and admiring the Halloween decorations...
I love the crunch of the autumn leaves, and the crispness of the grass after a night frost...
I love the fresh air, and the loss of bugs...
I love the colors, the new school year, and the slow of the summer madness.
I love it all!

Mind you, Spring used to be my favorite...

The start of sunny days, the burst of a million blossoms, and the vast overtake of buds and plants everywhere. But this is a season for picnics and walks (before the bugs come out), and I never feel like a hard-working person.

-- SO --

It's Fall. Maybe not officially - but nonetheless. And so I'm feeling motivated in a big way! As you have previously read - I am mucho displeased with how little time I've been spending on myself. I have gone so long without working out, or getting my hair done, or anything... I put myself on the back burner, and slowly disappeared (it felt)...

When we went home about a month ago (to Calgary) I had my hair cut and colored for the first time in approximately two years. I felt horrible - sitting in the chair, with my frizzy looking hair, and to make things worse, someone came in to have a brief conversation with my hairstylist - and rudely commented on his way out "oh I feel zo bad for you, zat is a lot of damage."... Screw you, guy!!! :op I really don't like rude people. Bottom line, at the end of my hair care session, I had a ten minute discussion with three people in the salon about my age - they all weighed in thinking I was around 16 to 17 years old. REALLY??? (I'm sitting here, thinking I must look at least 35.) Well - I used to hear about how young I looked, but that was a hundred years ago.

(Pre-kids... you know...)

After that, I came back home, and started to spend some time each day doing something that I used to love. Guitar, drawing, quilting, crafts... whatever it was, even if it was for a few minutes a day. It was a struggle, I'm not going to lie... but totally made me a happier person.

A little while later - I went out and had a pedicure with my mother-in-law, for the first time since I was pregnant with my baby girl (which was the first time since I had given birth to my son) - it was great to take care of myself!

So far my plan has been top secret.
Of course, by being top secret that means I can't hear from people ("How are you doing with that whole... thing?" "Oh... that's terrible..."), and I have no one to disappoint.
But. I totally don't care anymore!
I set a goal for myself - a suuuper duper, unavoidable, totally reasonable, achieveable goal.
It is to lose 6lbs each month, from now until next July.
That's like 1.5lbs a week. (Easy peasy!)
In total... that would be 60lbs!!! And I would be back to my pre pregnancy weight. (We're talking pre-pre-pre pregnancy weight)
I'm 6.6% into my goal. (We do not discuss poundage) -- approximately.
I will update progress. Of course.
And how am I achieveving my goal?...
By using Wii EA Sports Active.
(I had to say it, in case it helps me use 60lbs. So I can prove that it works!)
Hey, man - it's working so far!


  1. I am also on the "Get Fit" train and I am targeting March '10 for my goal weight. Hopefully, I can do this and survive my day job.

    Best of luck and wishing you lots of energy!

  2. Pff I totally stopped doing this after a month.


    I will walk it off. While eating oreos!

    Well. Maybe not the oreos.