Monday, February 16, 2009

Ah, Valentine's Day...

Ah.... Valentine's. The most romantic day ever. The most celebrated couples holiday.

I woke in the wee morning hours to tend to my 4 month old daughter, crawled into bed a few hours later when she was settled, only to awake again to tend to her once more. Just as she was content, and I was starting to drift off into some needed extra hours of rest, my 3 year old decides to start his day. SIGH - maybe a nap later on?
I hang on to hope, but.... puh-leeze!

Hey, a girl can dream!

Well after the morning has passed by, my husband tells me he's called his aunt, and we have a babysitter so we can go out - that's right! We can have a date on Valentine's! I'm so excited, I never go out, let alone on Valentine's Day. My first treat of the day? I get to go grocery shopping with no kids.

Bless Costco for stomping out what could have been an enjoyable experience! I get there and the parking lot is stuffed to the brim - also there is an extra dose of crabby-housewife-in-large-SUV driving around, and also in the store. One proceeds to hit me in my heel with her cart several times (apparantly shopping in Costco was THE most important thing EVER at that moment), before I whipped around and burned a hole through her oversized sunglasses with my most peircing "I-would-beat-you-with-this-cart-if-I-could-right-now-if-you-don't-lay-off" look.

Basically my trip ended in running through Costco grabbing what was on my list and jumping in the shortest line I could find, to get me home asap.

No worries! So I had a bad time at Costco... no biggie! I'll go home! We'll get ready, we'll have a fab night.


I get home, my husband has decided that since it's Valentine's Day, he doesn't want to fight the crowds. And you don't want to fight the crowds too, right honey? I would say yes, but he feels guilty and will get angry like I'm guilt tripping him into taking me out. Then what fun would THAT be. So fine, we decide to stay home. ("we")

Instead, we could watch a movie! Let's do that. We can't agree on a movie. Ok no movie. Silence... and he picks something by himself. Hello? Do I live here?!
Time to do some dishes.
SOO glad I got to do something nice today.... oh wait, no. No I didn't.

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