Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm feeling nostalgic today.

I often get this way when it's sunny, or when I'm having a super sleepy day (today I was feeling very sleepy, but I assure you the sun was not shining), because I was often content and sleepy in the Vegas sun.

Sometimes I miss being able to stroll outside and sit for a few minutes in the sun to warm up in a hurry. It sounds out of control but man... when the air conditioning chills you and you walk outside into the sun, I feel like a cat curled up in a sunbeam on the fuzzy carpet in the front entrance.

Sometimes Vegas was like a big hug. The sun, the people... there are things I miss.

And so, I'm nostalgic.

I'm not sure if I miss the people, someone in particular, sunshine, being chilly, having the tan of my life, or high school... but the overall feeling and remembrance of those old school days was hanging on me like a wet blanket today.


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